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Web Design Coast

Terms and Conditions

The amount of modifications granted is determined by the choice of package, and change requests are subject to the number of changes mentioned in selected subscription specifics. We are eagerly committed and dedicated to delivering the best possible service to our clients and are constantly evolving and improving to meet and exceed our client’s requirements.

Once the logo designs have been finished, any adjustments/modifications required will be regarded as a new order and billed individually.

Refund Policy

Web Design Coast’s Refund Policy will not be applicable under following conditions:

  • Refunds claims made after the main concept for the design has been confirmed.
  • Failure to make any contact within the 15 days after the purchase.
  • Failure to comply with company policy or policies.
  • Insufficient details in the design brief.
  • A thorough/detailed redesign has been requested.
  • Allotted time frame for submitting a request for compensation has passed.
  • Reasons such as, “change of opinion,” “conflict with a companion,” or other non-service-related concerns.
  • If a customer purchases a package and is disappointed with one of the services, the refund will then be applied to solely that item and not to the whole package.
  • Under no conditions, refunds are available for solutions such as Social Networking Sites Brand management, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Domain Name registration, Logo Copyrights & Trademarks, Web Hosting & Paid Plugins (SSL/DDoS).
  • Refunds will not be validated, when websites concept has been accepted by the client the webpage has been forwarded to production team for processing.
  • Once the logo/website ideas have been approved, cancellation claims will not be considered.
  • If the customer refuses to deliver the initial brief for the corporate logo and website design after 10 days of making the purchase.


Note: Web Design Coast Reserves the Right to terminate the agreement at any time. You will no longer have any access to utilize the images for any reason after the refunds; they will become the personal domain of Web Design Coast. The creations will be the sole property of the organization.

Our Premium Website Design package includes the designing and development of a maximum of 20 web pages.

Claim Your Refund

In order to claim a refund with respect to our Returns Policy, follow are the methods:

  • Get in touch with our Support Team via Live Chat
  • Send us an E-mail

We will respond as soon as possible after receiving your refund query; after reviewing your claim, we will start the refund process.

You will not have any access to any designs supplied by Web Design Coast once you receive the refund; the data will be supplied to the Copyright Acquisition of the Government Copyright Agencies to preserve legitimacy.

Quality Assurance Policy

We do everything we can to satisfy your needs, and experienced designers do everything they can to meet and exceed your demands. We care about giving the greatest designs possible, and each one is custom-made, precisely designed and implemented.

We Guarantee Satisfaction

  • Our promise of unlimited modifications ensures that you are completely happy.
  • We aspire to surpass your expectations and work hard to do so.
  • Revision of your idea is a mandatory here at Web Design Coast until you are fully satisfied.

Record Maintenance

Web Design Coast maintains track of completed designs such that you may get the precise document in the event of a missing order.

Customer Support

You may approach us using our contact form or call us during our office timing if you have any questions or issues about our privacy policies.

Communication Policy

  • Web Design Coast shall not be held accountable for any contact sent through a channel other than “[email protected]” or any addresses not authorized by us or listed on our main site.
  • We are not liable for any loss resulting from the use of non-provided contact information.
  • If the customer does not react within 45 days, project activation fees will be applied.
  • All details available via our company website is subject to our complete responsibility.