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Web Design Coast

Privacy Policy


Web Design Coast is dedicated to maintain confidential information and data pertaining to each and every individual client. Only vital information is collected to complete the order in ordinance to fulfill the requirements. There will be no disclosure, distribution or misuse nor will the Client data or information will ever be exchanged, resold, or revealed to any third-party services, may it be in premises or outside the organization.

Information Gathering

Our Secure Platforms are protected through the Privacy Policy of Web Design Coast.

All or some Client details that maybe required are obtained by Our Secure platforms such as; Mail, Phone Call, Website pages (About Us/Request Form).

The private details we initially require includes the customer’s identity details, brand, address verification, email address, backup email address, contact telephone numbers for processing orders, and area of residence, with several other relevant information to initiate the services. To start the processing of project we also ask for information from the Design Brief.

Furthermore, thoughts/ concerns/ objections/ admiration and remarks about the services are collected as part of the data gathering process.

IP address, software version, system software, and the timestamp of your visit are all examples of fundamental data that is gathered and logged. This data is also collected using Google Analytics or any comparable technology or program.

Information Usage

The sole purpose of information we gather, is to enable us to determine precisely what products you want and what unique features you may want in order to serve you with best that we can offer. Financial information is required for the online payment only. The email accounts are being used to communicate the ordering process, suggestions, views, and finished product distribution.

Furthermore, we can send an email about website updates, special offers, the announcement of any new products, services and business news updates. This data also aids us in improving our marketing efforts and compiling a list of great goods.


Protection is unquestionably a critical requirement, and we are conscious of this. As a result, we never sacrifice the privacy of our client’s confidential data.

We use the Client’s private information to build a healthy and close client – company connection by communicating effectively regarding your business. As a result, all of your private details, such as your name, address verification, e-mail address, mobile number, and contact numbers, is kept private and kept in a separate, which is obtainable mostly to the assigned representatives, guaranteeing security and protection and therefore not at vulnerable to theft or malware. We promise our client’s private details will not be shared with any private entity unless you permit us or we are legally required to do.


If any further security measures that may arise, Web Design Coast may alter its personal data. The whole modifications of private information security problems, on the other hand, shall be proclaimed with the advance warning of the modified or revised security policies’ date of issuance.

Information Disclosure Conditions

We must prevent data disclosures at all costs. However, we may only disclose any details if we are obligated to by the state’s constitution for judicial proceedings, court orders, or other court formalities.

Contact Us

You may approach us using our contact form or call us during our office timing if you have any questions or issues about our privacy policies.